Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE)
Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI)
20 years experience as a full time Realtor, 80+ 5 star reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buyer's agent
Listing agent

DRE# 01987315


On average their listings have sold for 3 - 5% higher than the competition! They work in 30+ cities across the Bay Area from Mountain View to Livermore to San Jose to Oakland and parts of Southern California as well. 

The team has 60+ years of experience in residential Real Estate and has dozens of 5 star reviews on Zillow, Yelp, FaceBook and other sites. Sirisha has consistently been in the Top 1 - 2% of Realtors in Alameda County over her 20 year career as a full time Realtor.

She has a Masters in Computer Science so her analytical background allows her to provide data driven analysis and advise her clients on Market trends and timing and then recommend the most optimal solutions for them.

Want to relocate but not sure where to move to? She can help! Call for a complimentary and no obligation consultation on the pros and cons of several cities, neighborhoods and the best options for you!

With designations like GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) and CNE (Certified Negotiations Expert), Sirisha is adept at understanding what buyers and sellers want and can negotiate the best deal for you! 

Other than expert advice, cutting edge tools and tough negotiations her team also offers the following COMPLIMENTARY services PROVEN to net you more on your sale:

  • High end staging
  • Drone Shots and Videos
  • Gardening and cleaning services to give your home a facelift
  • Professional Photoshoot and Video / Virtual Tour
  • 3D walk-in tour / Twilight Photography
  • Aggressive Social Media 'Targeted' Marketing
  • Broker Tour and presentation at local Broker Meeting / Open Houses

Widespread coverage for your home on MLS portals and several online sites


She is the best !

Sirisha is extraordinary and has vast experience in the tri-valley housing market. She has gone above and beyond in providing advice, guidance, and has been our pillar of support in our first home buying journey in every step of the process right from deciding on home buying criteria to move in day readiness. As a first time home buyer we took our time exploring the tri valley area to finalize the location and criteria. Sirisha was very supportive and patiently showed us all the homes we wanted to visit and didn't pressure us at all to rush . She wanted us to be comfortable and at times when we were making bad choices frustrated by this crazy competitive market she would make us pause to think and make the right choice and not regret later. We got our dream home all thanks to Sirisha. A five star rating won’t do any justice and I would highly recommend Sirisha because she is the best !  

She was so determined

We started our house hunting (moving up) to approx 2.5 years back. As is the case with all Bay Area home buyers, we too were in a dilemma deciding between fixer upper vs move-in ready vs new construction in good school districts. It is during this time, we came across one of the posts by our FB friends that were paying high accolades to Sirisha and Skye Realty. With the buying strategy in mind, we approached Sirisha with our plan and how we want it to unfold. Sirisha not only validated our plan but also helped us every step of the way to get us our dream home. Her vast experience, immense wisdom and overall dedication to make her clients achieve their goals is simply unmatched. She made the process so simple for us and at the same time she was keenly observing every move/development from the builder, upgraders and bankers and making us aware of the pitfalls and other criticallities. Even during the pandemic, she made herself available all the time and played a key role in helping us decide on our upgrade options, loan options etc. We witnessed her level of dedication in one instance where after we bid for a new home. The sales folks asked everybody to leave and told us that we will be notified later in the day. None of us had lunch by the time bidding session finished, so we decided to grab some lunch. We invited Sirisha to join us. But she chose to stay back. She was so determined to get us the home that she didn't want to leave anything to chance and it turns out that she was the only realtor that stayed back that day - goes to show her passion and dedication. Thank you, Sirisha garu. Highly recommend Sirisha and her team if you are planning to buy a home in Bay Area.  

She made this whole experience pain free

The first thing that struck me was Sirisha's level of commitment and honesty. She was invested in finding our dream home as much as we were but unlike us kept her feet firmly grounded. When we would get carried away with some properties and be ready to overlook glaring flaws, she stood her ground and gave us the right advice instead of just making a quick sale. She continues to keep in touch to date to check on our progress in our new home. She has been helpful in finding us contractors, handymen, gardener, etc. She made this whole experience pain free and for that, a heartfelt thank you!  

She truly cares for her clients

We have had the very best experience working with Sirisha. She and her team is absolutely amazing. Every single detail from marketing plan, staging, financial review, assessing offers, negotiating, pricing, .... was very thorough. Her approach helped us sell our home quickly and she helped us think through a lot of details when we were purchasing our new home. She truly cares for her clients and wants the very best for each one of them. Whether you are looking to sell or buy your home, we would highly recommend Sirisha and her team.  

It was a pleasure working with Sirisha

We worked with Sirisha to sell our home in Ardenwood, Fremont. Sirisha was very professional and was able to guide us through the process with her vast knowledge of the bay area market. We were able to sell our home within a week of putting it on the market. Sirisha was not only strategic with the timing and pricing of our home but she was also able to negotiate effectively on our behalf. It was a pleasure working with Sirisha and we highly recommend her.  

Sirisha is very knowledgeable

We bought our new home and sold the old one with Sirisha as our realtor and came out very happy and satisfied with both the experiences. We agree 100% with most reviews here when they say Sirisha is very knowledgeable about various Bay Area neighborhoods, skillful negotiator and puts your interests above everything else. If you have a home to sell or buy in the bay area, do not go without talking to her first. For our new home, she navigated us through some overly priced homes and less desirable floor plans to what we ultimately liked - a brand new construction. She helped with selecting the options, home inspection and closing. For the old home, she took care of all renovations, ran fantastic marketing and did a really good job of negotiating to a price that we liked. Throughout this process that spanned multiple months, we really felt she got our backs and only wanted to act in our very best interest. Again, if you have a home to buy or sell, do yourself a favor and talk to Sirisha once before deciding on your realtor.

Sirisha did a fabulous job

Sirisha did a fabulous job while helping us find our home. She was meticulous in her assessment of the market, sales of similar homes in the area and ensured that we did not overpay for our home. Sirisha was very patient and heard all our requirements carefully and advised us to not buy homes that did not meet our requirements. She was always willing to go over and beyond her commitments and consistently ensured that we had the most up to date and accurate information for us to make a decision on the home. I strongly suggest you give Sirisha a call before finalizing on an agent.  

She has always been patient

Sirisha worked with us for almost a year before we finally found the home we wanted to buy. She has always been patient, responsive and highly professional. We saw the market rise like crazy in a span of an year, yet with Sirisha we never felt rushed or forced into making any decision. Finally with her help and guidance we got our home in a very good neighborhood at a comfortable price. She is very knowledgeable about Fremont and has a good instinct about the market. She is meticulous and helped us through the entire closing process even accompanying us in every important meetings.

Would be happy to work with her again!

 Sirisha helped us buy a home in this hot bay area market. We had been looking on & off for a while and she was always very patient and responsive. Once she understood what we were looking for, she was able to guide us through the process easily, recommending homes that we may like and gave her suggestions. She also suggested what updates we could make to potential homes so they align more with our taste. We would highly recommend Sirisha for her home buying & selling expertise and would be happy to work with her again!  

Sirisha has been awesom

Sirisha has been awesome in helping us buy and sell home. She is a great listener and knows where to step in and out to ensure she is a great partner yet not intruding into such a personal and important housing decision. Bay area housing can be quite stressful but Sirisha helped us win our first bid yet making sure we don't have a buyer's remorse. She was super proactive in getting everything aligned, getting the right comparables for bidding a fair price, checking in with the seller's agent to provide a good counter offer as needed. For selling our home it was very comfortable as we could just be hands off while she was getting everything set up. She has a great team of stagers, photographers, handyman and support staff for all legal documentation which made it super easy for us. Her proactive follow up in all aspects of her work amazes me. I highly recommend her and would go with her again (if we need to get into this crazy market again)  

She is extremely responsive

This is our 2nd home purchase with Sirisha. She is extremely responsive and have great attention to details. She has great knowledge about a wide number of areas in the south bay. There were 9 bidders for our home. She presented our offer personally to the sellers and their agent and that made a whole world of difference in this highly competitive market. She was there until our offer was accepted and signed by the seller. She also connected us with an expert and well-known loan officer for the south bay. They work so well together and the transaction was so seamless. We were really lucky to have Sirisha helped us in our home purchase. It was a superb buyer experience overall that exceeded all our expectations.  

She has a great network

We have bought and sold homes across both east and west coasts and by far Sirisha is the best agent we have worked with. No questions about that. We sold our home in Ardenwood, Fremont with Sirisha. Some of the things which made working with her so great: - She has a great network both on the buy and sell side. If you are listing with her, you know that she is well looped into the buy side. Consequently she prices right and knows what buyers are looking for. - Her staging is simply awesome. She is very methodical and takes care of the details. Does not simply outsources and forgets. She personally went over many of the details during the process of making the home ready & staging. - She ensures the first weekend open house goes very well. She was there in person with others from her team, all well prepared to answer questions, taking contacts, etc. It was very professionally done. Because first impressions matter, it's important to go out well on that first weekend and she ensures that. - Extremely responsive. I could not remember a single instance when she did not get back pretty fast and with enough information for us to feel our questions are properly answered. She strikes the right balance between agents who have no time for you (who just hand it over to junior agents) and who have too much time for you (which means they are not busy enough or not doing much actually selling your home). All in all, she was a great listing agent for us. Very happy with her work  

Sirisha is great

Sirisha is great. She is very knowledgeable about the market. She never pressured us into buying a place we weren’t convinced about. She helped us make better decisions by revealing aspects that we would have missed. We always felt that she had our best interest in mind. She is awesome at negotiating a deal. We got our first home thanks largely to her.  

We got lucky meeting Sirisha

 We got lucky meeting Sirisha. She is a phenomenal realtor, who ended up getting us a very good price for our home. From start to finish the entire process was very professional, courteous and smooth. She knew just which upgrades are impactful, and those which wouldn't effect the final price - saved us time and money. She is also very responsive, quickly available by phone, text or email. The best part though was that we didn't need to reach out to her much - she was proactive in conveying information to us on her own, including pictures, links and any necessary information. Her marketing was extensive, bringing in a lot of prospective buyers, and answering any questions they would have about the neighborhood, the schools and the home. We got multiple offers on our home, and with her help were able to hone in the one most qualified. She proactively did extensive due diligence with buyers lenders and realtors so there we no surprises down the road. This was a very positive experience, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.  

Sirisha is very knowledgeable

Sirisha is very knowledgeable, understanding and responsive. Before meeting her we were very confused with all the options. But, Sirisha got in her invaluable expertise and advice. She gave us pros and cons of going with each of the options we had. She helped us narrow down to the house that we bought and we are so glad we own it now. She answered every question and explained to us every form and every part of the closing process clearly and thoroughly.  

We highly recommended Sirisha

Sirisha is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the whole sales process.. She is a highly professional individual and we were quite impressed with her work ethic that was on display right from the initial assessment of our home to the final closure of our home. Sirisha ensured that we have more than enough support that is needed for anyone to go through selling a home. Sirisha is detail-oriented and completely ensured that we would be able to sell our home at possibly maximum price possible. Sirisha recommended few needed renovations to ensure that our home shows very well to potential clients. Sirisha also ensured to provide us with frequent updates on the renovation. Sirisha kept us informed through out the sales process. Staging service was impeccable too. We highly recommended Sirisha to anyone who is looking at selling or buying their homes.

She was prompt and professional

We contacted Sirisha before we had decided whether to sell or rent out our previous home. She was prompt, professional and had facts and figures at her fingertips which in the end tipped the scales and we decided to list our home with her. She suggested some upgrades and repairs to the house to enhance its market value. More importantly, she oversaw the entire process and ensured that the improvements were done in quick order and for a fair price. Sirisha meticulously took care of all the details through out the sales process and we were happy with the eventual outcome. We recommend her highly to anyone looking to list their house in the Fremont area.  

She is one among the few

Sirisha Sinha was highly recommended by one of our friends. Our friend insisted that we take her services to buy a property in the bay area. She said there is no one like her in the bay area. After our experience of buying a house through her I am also convinced why she comes such as great recommendation. It would unbelievable to say we found a great house in bay area within 12 days. It was made possible because Sirisha was able to move fast was also available to check out all the houses we wanted to see within that short time. She was also adept in coming up right price to bid. One aspect that really stands out is her negotiation skills with the buying agent. It was critical requirement to close houses in bay area. There are many agents who can show houses but only few who can win bids with value. She is one among the few.  

Professionalism and passion

Sirisha helped us sell our single-family home in Ardenwood, CA. If you are like us who needed someone who in an expert in this business and at the same time can be trusted and demonstrates commitment to their client, then Sirisha is the agent that you should strongly consider. We met several local agents before putting our trust on her. Her professionalism and passion to ensure you get the best from the transaction was evident from day 1 when we met her. Throughout the transaction she continually kept us updated on the progress of the transaction along with advising us based on her expertise but at the same time also consulting us on our preferences.  

Sirisha is the best

We were thrilled to be first time home buyers recently and have to say it's been an absolute pleasure working with Sirisha. She is an extremely competent professional and brings a lot of experience and attention to detail in her role. She has a fantastic team to support her. Her work ethic is excellent and she is always on top of things. Sirisha was very patient with us during the entire time, given all our requirements in the home and multiple locations we were interested in. With all the emotions involved in buying a home in the bay area, she was an excellent guide and never hesitated to provide us with objective input so that we could make the decisions eventually and feel comfortable. She completely understands your concerns as a buyer in this challenging market and is very supportive. She even facilitated a meeting (in very short notice) with a professional contractor to explore some potential remodeling, just before we put down our offer. She is very pragmatic regarding the final offer price and aggressive in finalizing the offer with the sellers. Even after the offer was accepted, she did her very best to address all our questions. She worked very closely with the appraisal/loan agent to ensure the home closing process was smooth and timely. Sirisha is the best and we would highly recommend her to all our friends.  

Sirisha is very professional

Sirisha is very professional and we could not be happier having chosen her as our buying and selling agent. She is detail oriented, has a very good sense of real estate market and very aggressive. She patiently worked with us for close to two years to find us the dream home we were looking for. Her feedback and research really helped us make the decision. We truly appreciate her attention to detail, professionalism and work ethics. As a buying agent, she helped us get the home even though our offer was well below other offers, due to her offer presentation with strong terms that were appealing to the sellers, and then, beautifully handled the whole transaction. As a seller agent, she referred a contractor on her team to make upgrades to our old home for a reasonable cost. All upgrades including color of the walls, flooring, granite, cabinets, lighting etc were meticulously chosen by her to transform the home completely and make it look very upscale. She was engaged all thru the process and made sure things were progressing on time. The end product turned out great and the staging and drone video she made was remarkable. Eventually, just with one open house, we got 7 offers all above the asking price - much higher than all comparable sales in our area! She made the whole process seem effortless! We highly recommend Sirisha for buying/selling your home  

Sirisha is one of the best realtors

Sirisha is one of the best realtors (honest and committed) in the Bay Area& straightforward. Very efficient, friendly and dynamic. We had met Sirisha personally and she found out what our expectations were and based on the budget suggested houses. We have always felt very comfortable with the flow ,especially she listens patiently to your every query and explains in detail.She responds your call/email in a timely manner .Services were timely, efficient and well done. She took tours of the property and explained salient features regarding the property that helped us make an informed decision. Sirisha also has good info about the market conditions and is pretty good at predicting what a property is worth. We took advantage of that to get a property that was appraised higher than our purchase price. Sirisha also suggested a couple of lenders and the loan process went without a hiccup. Sirisha also has a list of contractors in case you want a second opinion for any of the house upgrades. we felt she is a complete stop shop when it comes to buying a house. As a first time home buyer ,we are very happy, the whole process went very smoothly...thanks to Sirisha!! we would definitely recommend Sirisha to any home buyer. first time or experienced. 

Sirisha is a very professional

Sirisha is a very professional, straightforward person. I worked with her for the purchase of our home in Evergreen, San Jose. As first-time home buyers, she walked us through all the steps in detail. She even walked through each and every clause of the first offer we wrote, explaining every little detail. Even after our offer was accepted, she worked with us closely through the closing and even after the closing. We needed some remodeling work to be done and she was nice enough to recommend contractors/places to look for cabinets, tiles, etc. When you work with Sirisha, you just have to tell her your budget and the kind of home you want. She takes care of the rest. Stress-free first-time home buyer thanks to Sirisha!  

One of the most energetic and responsible agents

We contacted Sirisha through a referral. A friend had done home sell and and purchase with her. I was much more pleasantly surprised to see her commitment in selling my home. Within 20 days she has sold the house at the highest price in the neighborhood. There were some issues raised by the potential buyers/agents. She worked with government agencies and got clarifications from them in a timely manner. One of the most energetic and responsible agents in the bay area in my view.

Hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgable

There really is not enough that we could say about Sirisha!! As a first time buyer, especially in this market and in bay area, to say the least me and my wife were a bit skeptical about making that plunge as a home buyer. Worried about high prices and bidding wars. Sirisha however made the process virtually painless and was patient enough to explain everything that was happening as the process went along(from our first meet till the end), returned all our calls and made us feel and showed that she had our best interest at the forefront of the entire purchase process. She was able to get us on contract before the open house. HIGHLY recommend to any home buyer. Her knowledge on current market and trends is something you don't find in every agent. This is what makes her special. If you hire Sirisha as your realtor, you are going to get an honest, hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgable professional fighting for you.  

Sirisha has precise and good knowledge

Having bought and sold several homes over the last 25+ years in several cities, we know the importance of having a good realtor on your side, when we decided to sell our home. After interviewing several agents, we selected Sirisha Sinha. It was a great experience working with Sirisha. Sirisha has precise and good knowledge of the market conditions and all the information that is relevant for determining a fair listing price for the property. Sirisha had several discussions with us to explain the market conditions, understand our expectations, went over the entire process for listing and selling a home and outcome expectations, fairly in detail. She met all the milestones & goals that we agreed upon. She managed the staging, open house and ramping up potential buyer/s interests to get the best & most fair market value for the property. She brings in all the crew that is required to stage the home and prepare the property for listing including any repairs, painting, carpet laying, etc. Sirisha has a team of professionals to help through the process and her management of the team is very effective & efficient. Fair in her dealings and straight in her communication, she was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend to anyone for listing or buying a home. Sirisha had a family vacation that she was committed to prior to our listing and she made sure that her being away did not come in the way of managing the negotiation and the selling process. Despite being on vacation, she was constantly in touch with the buyers, buyer agents and others to keep things moving. Very professional in her services, she stayed on top of things every step of the process. Just about the time we were going to list, a couple of other properties in the neighborhood got listed and she showed great market savvy and judgment in timing the listing, determining the listing price and open house timing. All of these resulted in getting the best value for the home.  

I strongly recommend Sirisha

We are lucky to have Sirisha on our side. She is a thorough professional and did an excellent job. We sold our home recently through her. She has an excellent team of contractors for repairs/upgrades and staging. Everything was done within our budget and house was staged perfectly. Her planning and organizational skills are highly commendable. She knows how to set expectations and made sure that, we understand the process well. Selling a house at a price beyond the expectations of the seller requires great negotiation skills and a deep knowledge in local market. She did that and i am very happy about it. I think that is the difference between an average real estate professional and great real estate professional. I strongly recommend Sirisha for any prospective buyers/sellers.

Sirisha did a fantastic job

We recently sold our town house in San Jose - West. Sirisha did a fantastic job, we found her to be thorough, honest and very clear in her communications / setting expectations. Sirisha helped us with the entire process - listing at appropriate time, correct pricing based on experience, staging / presentation of home, marketing, negotiations with buyers and escrow closure. We strongly recommend Sirisha to all prospective buyers/sellers. Once again, we would like thank Sirisha profoundly for helping us sell our home.  

She is very thorough, honest, and upfront

Sirisha was referred to us by one of our good friends. We were really impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail. She laid out the whole process for us so we knew exactly what to expect. She analyzed it thoroughly and went over the pros and cons so that we could make a decision. She is very thorough, honest, and upfront. She handheld us throughout the process and through her knowledge and well-established network-(KEY) completed the process way ahead of the schedule. Thank You Sirisha !!!!  

Everything was great

We had the pleasure of many transactions with the Sirisha Homes Team! We sold our home, followed by buying our dream home, and when we thought everything was great, it got even BETTER :-). We ended up buying our first investment home with Sirisha's help. Overall as a seller of our primary home, as a buyer of our dream home and finally as an investor we had the most amazing and stress free and financially lucrative experience. Thanks to Sirisha for all this. As a seller, we were not sure what to do and how we go about it ~5 years ago. Sirisha made the whole process simple and clear. She helped us step by step with minor mods that transformed our home, including staging our home and ensured we got to sell our home in a short time with multiple offers. During that process little did we know that the sale was almost going to fall through, but Sirisha has the knack of taking care of matters before they turn into issues. While keeping us in the loop on pertinent matters, she shielded us from any unnecessary information/stress. She managed the situations extremly well in a fair manner and ensured all parties were satisfied. As a buyer, we were very picky on what we wanted but were not sure on where we wanted it. She helped us narrow down the options very efficiently, and ensured we got the home we loved. At some point when we just wanted to settle down as were just tired of looking, instead of just taking the easy way out, she gave us the necessary enthusiasm and information and protected us from making a bad decision. We cannot thank her enough for that...that itself was priceless!! Finally, my experience with her an investor proved that I couldn't have found a better realtor. Even in the most competitive situations where there were ~50+ offers on the home, thanks to her amazing negotiation skills we won the offer (even though ours was not the highest bid). With exceptional professional expertise and standards, positive attitude to face any hurdle with a smile and determination, sound judgement and assessment, coupled with excellent negotiation and wonderful interpersonal skills.....we are amazed and completely happy in ALL the transactions. We continue to look up to Sirisha Homes Team for any and every real estate advice. Her lender, support personnel were all above our expectations!  

She took care of everything

 As a first time home buyer, I was having lot of questions, whether I'm making right decision by purchasing a home etc., Believe me Sirisha was wonderful agent that I am blessed to meet with. She took care of everything and very knowledgeable. Especially buying home in Bay area was very tough, with so many buyers around the market. I'm really thrilled the way that Sirisha worked through out the process was exceptionally good. She is highly professional and having best skill set for the realty world. The good thing that I liked from her was, she will never push to put an offer or rush the things. She always wanted to make sure that we really liked the home. If I ever wish to buy or sell a home, She is the only one that I'll go to.  

Excellent home buying experience!

We purchased our home in Ardenwood through Sirisha Sinha. As first time home buyers, we had many questions and were not sure of what our best options would be as far as neighborhoods, schools, type of loan, correct offer price, etc. We had worked with another agent before but we still unsure of many things related to the purchase process. Sirisha helped us sort through everything, showed homes in Pleasanton as well, just so we had an idea of the different cities and pros and cons of various neighborhoods. She was always responsive and very knowledgeable and patient and guided us until we knew exactly what we wanted and found our dream home! We told her we wanted to purchase the home but there were 2 other buyers and so we were in a multiple offer situation. Sirisha worked very hard to draft a very competitive bid while making sure we weren’t overpaying. She helped us arrive at terms so our offer looked more attractive to the seller and we got the home! She also found a great loan agent for us when our own agent switched to a higher rate at the last minute. In short, we had a smooth close with no surprises! We would gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an excellent home buying experience!  

We felt very comfortable

We met Sirisha based on a referral from my colleague. We were looking to purchase our first home and so, we were completely new to the process. She sat us down at our first meeting and went over the home buying process in great detail. After the detailed one hour consultation, which addressed a lot of our questions and concerns, we felt very comfortable that we had come to the right place. Then, we found a home we thought we liked. When we told Sirisha we wanted to write an offer on it, she told us she didn’t think this was our dream home and encouraged us to sleep on it. The next day, we told her we’d like to keep looking! I liked the fact that not only she did NOT push us into every home we saw, she talked us OUT of the home, encouraging us to not compromise on our dream home. We finally bought a single-family home in Ardenwood that we really love! I remember she showed up to an appointment even though she was recovering from a fever! She is now working with my sister who is purchasing their first home  

Thank you Sirisha!

Sirisha did a superb job with the sale of our Santa Clara home. Starting from preparing our home for sale, overseeing the upgrades, marketing (impressive pictures/videos) and finally the sale/closing, Sirisha is detailed and thorough and made the whole process seem effortless for us. Thank you Sirisha for walking us through the process and taking care of every step despite the uncertain corona times.  

Sirisha is a true professional.

Sirisha is a true professional. Her follow up and attention to detail is incredible. She is kind, honest and sincere. She takes her career seriously and treats everyone with respect and dignity. She is a dream realtor truly. We could not have asked for a better realtor. I highly recommend Sirisha for any of your real estate needs. From landlord to agent, she is all around wonderful.  

Thank you Sirisha for all

We recently closed a home in Fremont, CA and Sirisha helped us with the process from the get go. In fact, we interviewed a few different realtors before meeting Sirisha and the manner in which she approached the entire process, in addition to her knowledge about the local market, pricing etc. were huge positives. She is very good in identifying / recommending the right neighborhood and home depending your budget and other constraints and definitely was comfortable in pushing us back on some home we were interested in, but weren't meeting our criteria, which in hindsight wouldn't have worked for us and we are thankful for that. Sirisha is very responsive and enthusiastically answered all our questions which helped ease the process. Her knowledge in interior design is also very useful since she threw around a lot of ideas which made us picture the homes we visited from a different perspective. Sirisha also strongly recommended checking several open houses and take our time to make the decision since she didn't want us to make the wrong choice. After our offer was accepted, she was very thorough in getting in all the inspection reports, negotiating with the sellers agent and ensuring we got the best bang for the buck. As part of this process, we are very glad to have met a friend for life whom we will gladly refer and also whose services we will use in the future. Thank you Sirisha for all that you have done for us. 

She is extremely sensitive, patient, and a great listener

This was our first experience for selling a home and we were totally apprehensive. Sirisha without a doubt dispelled all our concerns and walked us through the entire process in a very professional manner. She is extremely sensitive, patient, and a great listener, therefore, making decisions became easier for us. Along with by being knowledgeable about the housing market, she also has a vast knowledge of effective remodeling and the tenacity to see and correct any glitches that may appear during the whole transaction. Her communication skills and keeping us informed helped us to understand the process better. Thank you Sirisha it was great working with you.  

Very professional

We hired Sirisha to sell our home in kind of a crisis type of situation. she came in and took full charge of the home in making it look perfect. She had a crew who came out to get the yard in shape and look inviting. Very professional through out the transaction of the sale and always went that extra mile to get us multiple offers and make the sale happen. I would trust her for my next home as well :)  

Sirisha was wonderfu

Sirisha was wonderful in helping us buy our first home. We knew we wanted to buy a home but were a little scared as well, the bay area market being what it is. Sirisha talked to us about school districts, neighborhoods, pre-approval, etc., explaining every little detail till we felt comfortable. She was with us at every step. She viewed the homes with us till we found one that we loved. Once we made a choice she was simply amazing in getting the bid accepted, signing contracts, helping us through our loan process, inspections and closing. We needed a few repairs/upgrades and she even helped us find the right contractors for that! We enjoyed working with Sirisha and have recommended her to a few of our friends. I know they've had great experiences with her as well.  

Two thumbs up for Sirisha

Sirisha was a pleasure to have as our real estate agent. With a smile on her face she was always there with answers to any questions we had. She was flexible and worked around our schedule and constraints to get the job done. We were really impressed with Sirisha as she pulled a rabbit out of her hat to get us an offer over the asking price. Two thumbs up for Sirisha and the team at SKYE Real Estate!!  

She is very professional

Sirisha helped us finding our dream home. She is very professional, honest and straight forward. She always acts in the best interest of her clients. She negotiated a very good price and great upgrades for our home even though it's a brand new one. It was fantastic working with her and would love to it again!  

She is extremely professional

Sirisha helped us selling a property. She is extremely professional and very well organized. She groomed our house as a very high-end property and created amazing marketing video and the photos. We sold our property for much higher than our expectations.  

I definitely recommend her

We first met Sirisha in 2015 when we were selling our house, she did an exceptional job, from getting a contractor for renovation to staging and we got above the market rate at that point. We started our search to buy a house again in Feb’2018, and Sirisha was our obvious choice as buying agent. With her in control we didn’t have to worry much, she will guide and get things done, all we did was sign the documents to get the house. I definitely recommend her as both buying and selling agent!  

We found our experience with Sirisha very effective.

We have worked with Sirisha on selling our house and buying a new home. We found our experience with Sirisha very enjoyable and effective. Her knowledge on the markets helped us identify any issues which we might not have caught ourselves. Sirisha is also a good listener, she listened to our requirements as buyers and sellers very closely and was able to provide recommendations that was most relevant to us. Sirisha also did an amazing job in staging of the house and open houses. When things got tough, she held her own in the competitive market and got us in contract at a great price point. It was great working with Sirisha and we would love to do so again!!!  

Sirisha was amazing

Sirisha was amazing at patiently answering all the questions we had as she helped us with the purchase of a new construction in Ardenwood, Fremont. Although she didn’t have to, she came with us during upgrade selections and gave awesome advice us on which upgrades to pick. She was amazing at negotiations and helped us get several upgrades at no cost. Highly recommend her and would love to work with her again!  

Sirisha is wonderful

Sirisha is wonderful. I had a lot of constraints and Sirisha understood what I was looking for. It took us a long time to find a home that I liked and with Sirisha's help, I was able to get it. If not for Sirisha, I could not have found a home in today's tough market. Over time, as I was going through my home search journey, I came to rely heavily on Sirisha's advice and feedback and always felt she had my best interest in mind. Love Sirisha's working style and will be recommending her to a couple of my friends  

I really recommend her

She helped us buy a house in Fremont area. She was very knowledgeable and treat our deal as if she is buying the house for herself. I really recommend her to all my friends and she will be my go to the realtor for all my future real estate needs.  

She was friendly with a powerful persona

We interviewed few agents before selecting Sirisha as the one we want to go with.She was friendly with a powerful persona and came prepared with all facts and figures for our 1st meeting.We were certainly impressed with what she had to offer. In our opinion, one edge she had over other agents was the combined services she offers. In addition to services of a real estate agent, she has her own contractor,gardener, Staging team for any upgrades or landscaping work to be done. She understands very well about the various factors that that can bump up the home price value. In the 1st visit, she toured the home and suggested what needs to be done to be able to sell the house at a competitive market price and was able to give a rough estimate. We expressed our desired price for our home and she came up with few more ideas that can work in our favor. Later (and this was before we signed any contract with her) she also brought in her contractor to check and give a more accurate estimate for all the upgrades. The remodeling work in itself was very quick and smooth. She had the samples(good quality) brought to our home and assisted in making selections best suited for making a 'wow' impact. She herself handpicked quite a few accessories. Overall she has a good sense of interior designing and makes good choices. Her contractor and his team were excellent and economical. We had a ton of work done around and he delivered on time as promised. The Open houses were conducted by her and her efficient team of agents.We had multiple open houses and broker tours. Later when we had an offer below our asking price, she did not push us in any way and presented all our options. She was willing to wait as long as it took for us to get what we hoped. Very soon we had an offer that exceeded our expectations and as expected, Sirisha clinched the deal. The entire process was handled very professionally and went smooth.She was available for any guidance until the end of the transaction(we had a 1 month rent back option) and even after that. Overall, we are one happy customer and would certainly recommend her if you plan to sell your home.  

Sirisha possesses the qualities

We had the great pleasure and privilege to work directly with Sirisha to sell our home in Ardenwood,CA. Sirisha possesses the qualities that we value the most: smart, tactful, responsive, committed, fair and loyal. We were really impressed by her professionalism, helpful, attention to details, and explaining the things very clear. She always made sure to available herself to answer any queries and made the whole process so easy so that that we did not have to face a single issue. She made sure to work with us to do necessary home changes, modern staging and technology blends with marketing to bring house value high. She kept us updated during the complete selling process and got us the best price for our home. If you are like among us who were selling and buying home at the same time, which is a very stressful situation, then we highly recommend Sirisha to take care of both selling and buying home process.  

Sirisha is a true professional

My husband and I approached Sirisha when we were looking for a new home on Patterson Ranch. We were initially a bit tentative because we were not sure if we really needed a realtor since we already knew where we wanted to buy. But we went ahead with her hoping she could get help us negotiate a good deal and, she did. Sirisha is a true professional and very knowledgeable too. She was truly on our side making sure that we were not settling for anything less than our expectations. She knows the process and is definitely a skilled negotiator. We found her to be very courteous, mindful of our time and prompt in her emails and phone calls. Sirisha helped us get a good deal on our dream home and even helped us during our walk through. With her on our side, we were confident that we were making the right decision. All in all, it was a pleasure to work with Sirisha. We will happily recommend her to our friends.  

Sirisha understood our requirements well

Sirisha helped us sell and buy multiple homes. She is extremely detail oriented, well organized, knowledgeable and reliable. While on buying side multiple times, Sirisha understood our requirements well, always kept us on track as far as the purchase price (even in hot market of 2016), made the right recommendations throughout the process and made the home buying experience enjoyable. Our experience was no different while selling our home. She made recommendation to make necessary changes, scheduled open houses, kept us updated during the complete selling process and got us the best price for our home.

She definitely listened to us

Sirisha helped us sell our first home. We would strongly recommend her to all our friends and here’s why This was our first time selling property and Sirisha made it easy and made sure we were informed by making our own decisions at every step of the way. When we told her that we wanted to sell our home, she made sure she had all the list of items in her agenda and told us that we need a little bit touch up things to do. She had great contacts that were super reasonably priced and did great work on a few things we wanted to touch up before listing. She took the whole responsibility in her hands and we had so much comfort in her decisions so whatever she told us, we listened to her and we could not be happier when it all turned out to be so effective and fruitful for us. It’s not just about the deliver on time; it’s the accuracy of her response and the knowledge she has that really made the whole home selling process smooth. When she told us about the open house, she made sure that she went above and beyond her limits to make it more successful, we have moved to Boston, MA during our open house in February 2016 but she made us more comfortable updating each and every moment by constantly messaging us about the updates. She definitely listened to us and what’s better is that she was good about email communication when that would be faster for both of us and gave us time to read and review info she was giving us before making decisions on pricing, terms, etc. We would like to thank her for her contributions and wish her continued success in her future endeavors. We would definitely recommend her among our friends/relatives in CA.  

Sirisha did a terrific job

Sirisha did a terrific job as a trusted partner and advisor for us during our home sale process recently. She is well organized, shows tremendous initiative, has good communication skills, has in-depth knowledge of the processes, and is extremely responsive. She is a pleasure to work with as she always has the sellers best interest in mind without unduly trying to push them towards accelerated timelines. We highly recommend her as a real estate agent and trusted advisor in a home sale or purchase process.  

Its been an absolute pleasure to work with her

We found Sirisha through Zillow, and from the very first time we met her, its been an absolute pleasure to work with her. We are first time home buyers and with absolutely no experience, especially in a hot and daunting market like the Bay Area, we really needed someone who was not only knowledgeable in the local area, but was also very patient to walk us through the entire process. Looking back, we can say with utmost confidence that Sirisha was the perfect fit for this. She has excellent knowledge of most Bay area neighborhoods, school districts and developments, especially in the east bay. She understood our tastes in homes quickly and was very focused and motivated in finding us our dream home. Additionally. she also educated us throughout the process on various factors that could affect the value of a property, and on multiple occasions, prevented us from making hasty decisions as first time buyers. Ultimately, with her experience and fantastic negotiation skills, we got our dream home in a great school district in a short span of time! We highly recommend working with her, and look forward to working with her in the future.  

She was clear and thorough with the process

Sirisha helped sell our property in a short time. She was clear and thorough with the process. She clearly stated the items we needed to address before putting it on market and why, and that certainly gave a boost towards quick sale of the house  

I would highly recommend Sirisha

I would highly recommend Sirisha to my friends. She's knowledgeable, friendly and very much Co-operative. She helped us in every step of our home purchase process..We are happy working with her.  

Sirisha did awesome job

Sirisha did awesome job of staging and selling my house in Fremont. she knows how the market is and pick the right price for listing. I strongly recommend her for selling and staging your home!  

She is the BEST realtor

I have been working with Sirisha Sinha for the last four years and without any doubts, I can say that she is the BEST realtor (out of the five people I worked with in the past 15 years). I bought my two homes (primay and a rental) and got my old home sold with Sirisha's exemplary realtor services. With my past experience of dealing with other realtors, I had developed an opinion on the realtors in general, but Sirisha did change that skeptical and becoming-gullible-with-their-sweet-yet-spurious-conversation feeling. She was the first realtor who went over each page in the contract and took some quality time (instead of turning the pages for our signatures) and explained patiently what each clause really meant with some easy-to-understand examples and my awe-stuck wife first noticed it with a big "Wow!" and it was the first time we got a good feeling that at last some realtor was taking one's job seriously and sincerely and not tricking us with a better commission from the seller's agent. Albeit it was a rental property in Union City, she devoted us as much time as she w do for a million dollar home. I first saw her name in a local Indian Cultural event (SiliconAndhra's) and then decided to try her services, after my wife had got vexed with another lethargic realtor and put a dead-line for me to find another realtor right away. Sirisha did handle the whole deal so smoothly and efficiently, we were thoroughly impressed with her and spoke of her swiftness, commitment, follow-ups and the always-on-the-top-of-it attitude to a number of our family friends and colleagues. Later we decided to move from Ardenwood to San Ramon in the search of better middle/high schools and she again came to our rescue by putting down a clear road-map as to what the exact steps were (like whether buying a home in San Ramon first and then selling the Ardenwood home or vice versa) and we exactly followed her hand-holding steps and the end result was another smoother and worry-free exercise. I have, in the past, witnessed as to how a few of my friends (with an expectation of saving a few thousand dollars by doing their own research and trying to work with both buyer/seller agents with commission discounts etc, but in the end, tricked by the realtors.. their learnt lesson --> clients can never out-smart the realors) ended up by paying more from their pockets in a similar situation. Another big help we got from Sirisha was the selection of a right mortgage agent. Initially, we did our own research and found a mortgage agent but she finally miserably failed in getting us a big loan ($600k+) and we were very worried, as the we were left with only three weeks to close the San Ramon house purchase deal. Then, we approached Sirisha and honestly told her what had happened and she right away (within a couple of days) lined up an efficient mortgage agent, Satish Dadral from WelllsFargo, and he was able to get us even a better loan ($750k) within two weeks. When I take a lookat the current market price of my current San Ramon home now, I always get a beholden feeling that without Sirisha's help, we could not have bought this home at such lower price in the first place back in 2012. Had the San Ramon home slipped off our hands then, we would have stayed back in Ardenwood. Secondly, she took some special interest (that usually is not taken by many realtors after the deal is closed) and went over many miscellaneous things and one of them is shopping for a better home insurance deal than the previous one (that saved us more than 30%). When I we sold our Ardenwood home, she followed a novel approach of selling it and got us 40K more than the asking price (I need to remind you that it was in Aug 2012 and that time, it was all buyer's market).. Getting more money over the asking price in the Seller's market phase is not at all surprising, but she could do it during the Buyer's market period. Even today, I still wonder how she could do it!! I have referred to her more than 20 people in the last four years and at least half of them bought from her just believing in my good buying/selling experience with her and they are more than happy that I introduced them a wonderful and efficient realtor. In one line, she is is known for her "efficiency, commitment, honesty, dynamism, caring" and above all as a "wonderful human being". Sirisha... you are making a huge positive difference in lots of your clients' lives like ours and no wonder you are time and again are getting recognized with the Best Realtor awards! We are luck to have you in the Bay Area!!  

Sirisha has been one of the best agents

Sirisha has been one of the best agents we have ever worked with. We were selling our house living 1500 miles away and she did an amazing job start to finish. The house was prepared and staged very well and marketing was great. We ended up selling our house for much more than we expected and in a very short period of time. We always felt very comfortable during the entire process of selling our house knowing that we will get the best deal possible. We would highly recommend Sirisha to anyone looking for an agent.

Extreme efficiency and high responsiveness

We have worked with Sirisha to buy our new dream home in Los Gatos and to sell our beautiful Campbell home. We are lucky to come across a realtor like her. We are extremely happy with her services and we highly recommend her. The following five attributes that she possesses are assets to her clients: - Domain Knowledge - Passion - Customer-first attitude - Trust-worthiness and integrity - Extreme efficiency and high responsiveness. She worked patiently with us for more than a year during the buying process and honestly pointed out pros/cons of various homes that we came across.She steered us away from properties that she thought were not up to the mark and often pointed out flaws that we failed to notice. During the buying process we noticed that she doesn't put any pressure on her clients, patiently shows them various houses and strives to make sure that they eventually end up buying their respective dream home. And when it comes to selling, she again proved as to why she is one of the best - she was methodical, planned everything well, brought in her contractor for the required upgrades/repairs, staged the house superbly and sold it in a week with multiple offers! Her contractor Eli and her crew did a fantastic job w.r.t. upgrades, repairs and staging. The whole selling process turned out to be a very smooth affair. Another great thing with Sirisha is that she will be there to help you with any issues (like home warranty issues, any required escalations for swift resolution etc.) that might come up long after transaction is done. Sirisha also surrounds herself with best mortgage professionals, inspectors and contractors. In this extremely competitive Silicon valley market we noticed that this is a key to move forward in a fast manner when required. Last but not least, she has excellent communication and negotiation skills. Buying or selling a house requires good communication between buyer and seller agent, agent and lender, and especially agent and client - Sirisha excels in all of these tracks. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a top-notch real estate agent for your buying/selling needs, Sirisha Sinha is the answer.  

Highly likely to recommend

We sold our rental property recently and before we selected Sirisha to represent us. We interviewed 4 agents including an "area expert". While most agents were good the qualities that really set Sirisha apart were her knowledge of the market, approach, expertise, negotiation skills, and most important her energy. First Challenge - Our house was not in great shape after the renters moved. We were reluctant to put in a lot to get it all fixed. She helped us through the process - got us engaged with a company that helped do all the required fixes at a price that was acceptable. The end result was that our house really stood out when there were 4 different properties up for sale in the same neighborhood with one in the same cul-de-sac. Second Challenge - With multiple house in the same neighborhood going up on sale we were afraid that the glut would impact the sale price. Here, Sirisha persisted with 3 weeks of open house and very aggressively reached out to all the agents who visited the property, calling them and following through the process. In fact, we landed up having multiple offers on the property. Third Challenge - During the close process, there was a discovery made by the inspector that potentially ran a huge bill, which we were not prepared to address and felt was not justified. There was considerable pressure from the buyers too. We saw Sirisha do some real long hard negotiations and work a solution that was acceptable to both the parties. All this was done with a huge smile and an amazing attitude.

I would very likely recommend her

She is by far the best realtor I have come across. She is very keen about your requirements, respects your taste and needs and will keep those in mind when deciding on a house. She has excellent communication skills and is very clear about what she is doing. She also makes you understand every bit of the process and she is not afraid to admit something she doesn't know but promptly gets back to you as soon as she can with all the info. Our experience with Sirisha has been nothing but pleasant. I would very likely recommend her to anyone and i;m sure they will be happy.  

Sirisha is extremely professional and knowledgable

We were lucky to work with Sirisha on our purchase of an investment property. She was awesome to work with. We had little idea on how to buy an investment property and its intracacies. We called her and gave her our requirements. She made an appointment with us per our schedule to discuss our needs. She clearly explained the buying process. Based on our requiremetns, she narrowed our search to select market areas. We looked at multiple properties in Berryassa, San Jose, Fremont, North Fremont, Newark and many other locals to fit into our budget. She was always on time and identified the necessary work needed as we walked around the property. Few times, we wanted to make an offer on a property, but Sirisha said, "You guys can do better than this" and we moved on to other properties. We finally made an offer on a nice home in a nice neighborhood, we were informed that the seller had multiple offers above the asking price. Even though ours was not the highest bid, she did her magic/negotiation to make the seller accept our offer. She definetly got us our investment property within budget. Now, we had to get loan for the investment property. Sirisha referred us to her loan officer. Her loan officer was very easy to work with and got our property appraised for the loan amount and completed the whole transaction without a hitch. Looks like people working with Sirisha are as professional as herself. Sirisha is extremely professional and knowledgable. We are very happy with her work and committment. Her negotiation skills are great! She always had a smile on her face early in the morning or late in the evening. She answers her phone or returns our message promptly. Above all, the confidence and the assurance Sirisha gave during the whole buying process was simply phenomenal and totally invaluable for us as home buyers. Thank you Sirisha & Good Luck  

We had a wonderful experience

I would start off by saying not all agents are made equal. We had worked with another agent before we were referred to Sirisha by some close friends. Since we were buying our first home, we were apprehensive about the whole process. We weren’t too impressed with our previous agent so we decided to give Sirisha a shot. Right from our first meeting with her, when she explained the entire purchase process in painstaking detail, we knew we were in good hands. We considered a few different neighborhoods in Fremont and finally decided Ardenwood was our best choice. We found a home but it had competition from other buyers. Sirisha got our offer accepted and was thrilled! We opened Escrow and moved forward with appraisal, inspections, etc. The appraisal came back $10,000 below our asking price so Sirisha went to the seller’s agent and negotiated the price down by $10,000! We were overjoyed by the huge price break! Even as far as inspections go, she diligently noted all the red flags and got her inspectors to go over the home with a fine-toothed comb. All in all, we had a wonderful experience and introduced her to my sister who was selling her home in Saratoga. Sirisha helped with that sale as well!  

I was really impressed by her professionalism

Sirisha was referred to us by one of my good friends. We were looking to buy our first home and so we met with her to discuss next steps. I was really impressed by her professionalism and attention to details. She laid out the whole process for me so I knew exactly what to expect. I had already found a home I liked and wanted her take on it. She analyzed it thoroughly and went over the pros and cons so I could make a decision. What caught my eye all through the process is that she is very thorough and quite the perfectionist and a very aggressive negotiator. She has an in-depth understanding of all the different school districts and that helped us a lot because we looked at homes in Fremont and all the way up to Evergreen, San Jose. We finally bought a home in Evergreen and love it here! We were so happy with the whole process from start to finish that I told her to call upon me any time she needed a reference!  

Professional, Resourceful and Trustworthy

Professional, Resourceful and Trustworthy. Imagine you are buying your first home and you come across an agent who has all these qualities. That is Sirisha ! We purchased our first home through Sirisha and we couldn't have done it without her help. And we are so lucky to have her as our agent, because the whole process from search to sign was so smooth and easy.Sirisha clearly walked us through the purchase process and made sure we were well informed and acted promptly when needed. She also made it as a point to be present during home inspections, appraisals and while signing papers.After hearing troubling stories our friends had with other agents, we can honestly say that working with Sirisha has been one of the most positive working relationships we have ever had and we highly recommend her if you are interested in finding your dream home.